Lee Music Graduates Shine in Orff-Schulwerk Training

Maria (left) and Caitlin (right) practicing their part on the xylophone

As the extensive Orff-Schulwerk Level One certification course is reaching its end, two students shared their reflection about their past two weeks.

Maria: “Orff has been what I’ve been missing in my teaching. It’s reshaping what I think about education. Everyone should take this course!”

Caitlin: “It’s been really great to work with other music teachers. As a recent graduate, this has let me collaborate with other professionals in the field”

For more information about the Orff-Schulwerk Level One Certification Course at Lee University, please visit leeuniversity.edu/orff

Music Educators Practice Exploratory Movement

“When we teach students musically, we start with the body first. They need to experience a pulse and steady beat in a variety of ways.”
-Dr. Susanne Burgess

This exercise is a tool for music educators to explore a variety of developmentally appropriate musical challenges through the body. Plus, it’s a lot fun! Wouldn’t you agree?

For more information on the Orff-Schubert’s Level One Certification Course at Lee, visit leeuniversity.edu/orff