Here you will find a list of recommended books for each music class for the Fall 2018 semester. Classes that generally do not require textbooks will not show up on this list.

General Music

Music Theory

MUST-101 Music Fundamentals

MUST-111 Music Theory I

MUST-121 Music Theory II

MUST-231 Music Theory III

MUST-241 Music Theory IV


Aural Skills

MUST-102 Fundamental Aural Skills

MUST-112 Aural Skills I

MUST-122 Aural Skills II

MUST-232 Aural Skills III

MUST-242 Aural Skills IV


Class Piano

MUSG-111 Class Piano I

MUSG-112 Class Piano II

MUSG-211 Class Piano III

MUSG-212 Class Piano IV


Music History

MUHL-212 Music History: 1700 – 1850

MUHL-311 Music History: Antiquity – 1700

MUHL-312 Music History: 1850 – Present

MUHL-391 Vocal Literature



MUCO-330 Fundamentals of Conducting



MUST-341 Orchestration and Arranging



MUSW-495 Senior Seminar/Capstone


Degree Specific Classes

Music Business

MUSB-243  Commercial Music Theory

MUSB-251 Improvisation

MUSB-331 History of Commercial Music


Music and Worship

MUSW-112 Introduction to Music Ministry

MUSW-213 Music Ministry Leadership

MUSW-311 Congregational Song

MUSW-431 Rehearsal Techniques/Ministry


Music Education

MUED-120 Vocal Tech/Instrumentalists

MUED-225 Introduction to Music Education

MUED-231 Brass Techniques

MUED-241 Woodwind Techniques

MUED-251 String Techniques

MUED-261 Percussion Techniques

MUED-350 General Secondary Methods

MUED-405 Methods for Teaching Music Elementary School

MUED-421 Teach Vocal/Gen Music 6-12

MUED-422 Methods/Mat of Teaching Marching Band

MUED-423 Methods/Mat of Teaching Band/Orchestra


Looking for other textbooks? Check out McKays.