Inman Coffee: A hub of Lee talent

This local coffeeshop opened its doors in 2011 in conjunction with The Salvation Army. Ever since, its ministered to the community and developed into a true Cleveland, TN staple.

Inman Coffee has offered a way to bring the artsy Cleveland community closer through music and fellowship. Many talented Lee University students like Clark Beckham, Sophie Lockhart, and Grayson Russell, have performed here regularly over the years. National artists have also made their way to Cleveland just to perform at the coffeehouse as well: Mike Mains & The Branches, Levi The Poet, Listener, Kevin Max from DC Talk, and Jet Black Alley Cat, to name a few. In all, Inman Coffee has hosted over 600 shows since first opening.

If you’re interested in performing at Inman Coffee, visit their website at

Besides music, Inman Coffee also hosts Trivia, Coffee Tastings, Game Nights, and Movie Nights. If you’re looking for a way to relax after a busy day, come on down, try their brand new Campfire Cold Brew with Toasted Marshmallow Cloud Foam, and meet some new people.

See below for a full list of events this semester

Visit for more info

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