Student Spotlight September 2019

Coleman Smart is our student spotlight this month! He is a junior music and worship major from Ashville, North Carolina.  In his future, he would love to be a full time ministry major, but would love the opportunity to travel with a singing group as well.  As he is in his third year of being in The Voices of Lee, Coleman has learned how important finding a community is, and encourages everyone that finding a family at school is important.  When asked about what his favorite memory with Voices was, he replied singing in the Brooklyn Tabernacle in New York.  Since he has dreamed of even going there, the fact that he was singing there was unbelievable and almost a full circle.  Through his time at Lee, he has realized how important it is to apply excellence to learning and to be an excellent student for the Glory of God.  His advice to new students is as follows, “Rather than comparing yourself to others, compare yourself to you were yesterday.”

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