LeeU Composer’s Forum – Devoted to the expression of creative musical ideas

More than just a club, LeeU Composer’s Forum (LUCF) is a community of creatives that gather to share and critique their art. If you join one of their meetings, you’ll find an environment welcoming anyone to come and grow as a musician – fostering a safe place for the growth of creativity.

Designed to be a resource for composers, songwriters, and lovers of music, LUCF is a respectful space to exchange and cultivate creative ideas. When asked to describe the club Caleb Hinton, who is the president of the Forum, said:

“Our goal is to provide our members the opportunities to deepen their knowledge and love for music all kinds, as well as to showcase and receive constructive feedback on their own compositions.”

The Composer’s Forum will be hosting an event next week with Dr. Wykoff in their masterclass. Dr Wykoff will be presenting two new contrasting musical compositions which will include:

“The Virtuous Soul” – a song to be performed by Nathaniel Olson and Jonathan Jung &

“Petite Picaresque”

After these songs, he will do a workshop with a couple of students and will wrap up the evening in a Q & A time with the audience.  The event will be on February 24, 2021 at 7 p.m. in room 118 of the music building and is free for anyone who wishes to attend.

Anyone interested in learning more or getting involved can follow the LeeU Composer’s Form instagram account and/or email Hinton @ chinto00@leeu.edu

A Masterclass with Dr Wykoff:

February 24th @ 7p.m.

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