Lee University Opera Theatre presents: Hänsel und Gretel

From now until July 15th, enjoy this video production of a classic tale. Following all COVID-19 safety guidelines and regulations, the Opera Theatre adapted its production for film, to avoid any gathering of crowds in the audience, to minimize the time spent with all the students together for rehearsal, and to allow large portions to take place outside. 

Staying true to the values of Opera Theatre to provide as many performance opportunities to as many students as possible, the film was produced with two casts.

Here, you can watch the Red Cast (Edited by James Frost):

Featuring Rose Livingston, Jill Reynolds, Tess Varlack, Andrew Easterling, Ashley Mills, Olivia Williams, Lindsey Gore

Chorus: Celia Angel, Audrey Brokish, Megan Foster, Shea Hawkins, Caroline Layton, Katie Lin, Abby Newman, Kaylee Smith, Emily Stewart

Here, you can watch the Green Cast (Edited by JD Frost II):

Featuring Cecelia Fornuto, Julianna McKenna, Tess Varlack, Andrew Easterling, Katie Lin, Kaylee Smith, Audrey Brokish

Chorus: Celia Angel, Megan Foster, Lindsey Gore, Shea Hawkins, Caroline Layton, Ashley Mills, Abby Newman, Emily Stewart, Olivia Williams

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 English Translation by Constance Bache, Arr. by Hamilton Benz
 Used by permission of G. Schirmer, Inc.
 Synchronization rights licensed from G. Schirmer, Inc. Used with permission.

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