Newest Events In Percussion at Lee University

Percussion at Lee University goes beyond the classroom and offers students the ability to find themselves learning from the best in the business, such as the one and only Andy Harnsberger.

Praised by Percussive Notes Journal as “A Master of Musical Nuance”, Dr. Harnsberger enjoys a versatile career as a performer, composer, and educator here on campus where he most recently worked on a series with a School of Music (SOM) masters alum, Dr. Caitlin Jones.

A brand new recording of one of Dr. Harnsberger’s most recent compositions, is recorded and performed by our own SOM professor, Dr Caitlin Jones titled “The Long Road.”

Watch the video above to hear “The Long Road” written by Andy Harnsberger, performed by Caitlin Jones.

“The Long Road” came about during the beginning of the quarantine period in 2020… The work stems from journeying down a long road – times when life gets tough, when it seems you will never be able to conquer any given situation, when the journey seems to stall and there is no end goal or finality in sight. It’s these times where endurance, perseverance, faith, and an unwavering support system come together to get you through. No matter what, there is always an end to a long road.

Quote from Dr. Caitlin Jones,

Fellow students, Alex Loftin, Jacob Schwartz, and Tyler Whitehead worked with both professors in this recording effort with GreenHaus Productions. Learn more about the production company here >

Studying music at Lee University’s School of Music is much more than meets the eye, and with opportunities such as this and more the possibilities to further your music profession and hone your skills extends beyond your imagination.

In addition to this new release, Dr. Harnsberger recently published a new CD titled “Unbreakable” which can be located in the link below or on any major music platform.

Interested in Lee University Percussion? Keep up with the latest news and events on their website >

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