Student Spotlight: April Richmond

Meet our February Spotlight: April Richmond!

Q: Introduce yourself! Where are you from, and what are you studying here at Lee?

A: Hi, my name’s April Richmond! I’m from Cleveland, TN and I am double majoring in Music Education and Music Business!

Q: So, what brought you to Lee?

A: I came to Lee because I felt drawn to the atmosphere of the campus! I had offers to other schools, and as I was contemplating and praying about where God wanted me, I knew deep down this was where I was meant to be! I knew I could obtain the right education I needed to succeed, but more importantly to grow in Christ! 

Q: What ensembles are you involved in?

A: I’m involved in Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, and Small Jazz Ensemble! 

Q: If you had to list just one thing, what would be your favorite things about the School of Music?

A: My favorite thing about the school of music is hearing the variety of talent among students! Everyone presents something different to the table! 

Q: Any advice for prospective students who are auditioning for the school?

A: My advice for future flames who are auditioning would be to stay authentic and enjoy the moments between you and the music during the audition! One of the best things you can do is be yourself and be one with the music. Regardless of who’s in the room, just know it’s your time to shine! 

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